Trailtech Vaypor and stuff

Hey Y'all,

I recently installed the Vaypor on my R. I like it better then the Endurance and the Lynx because of the tach and the tempature guage. I installed the KTM fan also on the right radiator. I have the Clarke 4.3 gallon tank. Putting the fan on was a tight fit. I mounted the temp switch for the fan on the temp. insert for the Vaypor. It fit on there nicely and works great. The Vaypor seems to do a lot better job of reading the magnet for the speedo. It is a lot more consistent in the reading. I placed the shift lights at 6500 and 8000. When I took off from the toll plaza I had both of the lights flashing at me because I did not want to get ran over by the cars. What I don't like about it is that the temp on the first screen is the ambient temp. If they would change that to be engine temp then it would great. I set the temp lights on the Vaypor at 195 and 215. The 215 came on a few times but I was able to cool off the bike to get it to go off. Overall I would recommend it. I will post some pictures later. Have fun, Tony

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