What do you think of this?

Looks good to me, it's just weird that it doesn't say a brand name.


..."Same manufacturer that makes Pro-Taper"...

IMO --> Some off-brand company that no one would recognize. They probably sell the same thing for less on their website, so the eBay seller doesn't want you to be able and go find them. Just my .02

I think I would gamble on a longhorn from Rocky Mountain before I went with a no name clamp from ebay. The seller might be exactly right, but without a company nameyou'll never know. If you hate it, at least RM would give you your money back.

Cycra offers a clamp that looks just like that. It doesn't really look like a bad piece, but you never know.

Yea, I'm still on the fence with this one. Looks like a decent peice, but the whole no brand name really puts me off. I may have to be test monkey again.

Someone's got to do it, right?

If the guy selling it will not list a brand name or an internet link to it then you would be crazy to buy it! He could be lying about MSRP and the list goes on.... Email him and ask him if there is a website where you could get additional information. My guess is that he never responds or gives you some long drawn out excuse why he does not have any other info.

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