Any one bothered to give their bike some new rings?

I got ~5000kms on the clock and feel it might be time for some new rings.

Still has good power, but from 2 stroke back ground, I hope you can see my concern.

First question is how long do they last and second is just replace rings or go new piston as well?

Hi Premo. I pulled down my wr to do 5th gear rebuild at 5,000 km. I replaced rings even though they were Just in spec. The piston showed a little bit of wear But I did not replace it ,every thing else looked fine. Going OK now.

Ps. Had shims done while head was off $25.00 from the local yamaha shop.

Cheers Pops. Did you notice any power gain at all?

How was the 5th gear? Did it let go? I do a fair bit of 5th gear work too.

I did not feel more power. I was in a enduro went for 5th gear in very sandy patch . Missed 5th tried again went in, then when i tried to get 5th next time it did not go in again, so i shut it down. When i stripped it down i saw that it had Rounded the dogs in 5th and 3rd a little bit . I am very conscious of making positive gear changes . Now .

If no oil consumption or excessive breather tube oil spurting, no need to replace rings.

they should last 20.000k's or at least 10 if ridden harder.

It took me 2,5 years riding, before changing rings and valve seals, only to get the same power as before.

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