Newest member of the YZ450 06 Team!

Yep, I'm pretty excited about the new bike in my shed!

Just picked up a YZ450 06 today. The bike has hardly been riden. The owner had two 06's for sale (one raced for a few months and the one i got... used for a couple of rides) as he has broken his ankle and had a knee recon while he is out of action. (Hope he is back on a new bike soon!)

Got the bike at a fair price and very happy.

It has a Pro Circuit T-4 and worked suspension

The 426 is still in the shed... its going to be hard to part with the beast!!

I cant wait to have a proper ride!



Congrats! That's a nice looking bike and I'm sure you'll enjoy it. My old 426 was a good bike, but it's amazing what a few years of technology can do. Have fun! :thumbsup:

that bike looks wicked..i like the yellow

Is that a powerbomb header or is it the stock one that come on the euro bikes?

That looks sweet. Funny he got all the upgrades, yet left the stock chain. I would change the chain if I were you, then you will be rocking.

Its the stock power bomb.

I have a DID xring (had about 3 rides) on my 426.... it will be going straight on the 450!

very nice :thumbsup:

hopefully i'll be the newest member some day soon

I cant wait to have a proper ride!

You won't be disappointed. :thumbsup:

oh thats awsome!! Those graphics are sick. Have fun with it, i LOVE mine, and i know you will too!!! :thumbsup::ride::cry:

The 426 is still in the shed... its going to be hard to part with the beast!!

I cant wait to have a proper ride!


I think we all know the answer but I look forward to hearing how the '06 of those is in my near future I think.


I like the yellow 2.

I have a DID xring on also and it works perfectly on my 05 no stretching at all.


Well.... what can i say! I still love the 426, but 6 years of development goes a long way!!!!!

I only rode for about 1/2 hour - not enough light after work but i couldnt wait until the weekend!

1. As everyone knows, the bike is lighter... and it sure feels it.

2. The power is there all the way and there is plenty of it.

3. The brakes are unreal!

4. Suspension is unbelievable!

5. Starting is a breeze. (I never did the 450 cam in the 426)

This bike is everything I have heard and expected! Being a lightweight (only 130lbs) this bike is a lot less to handle than the old 426.... dont get me wrong, i love the blast of the 426 and what an introduction it was for me to big bore thumpers!

I've got a bash plate on its way for the weekend, hopefully the DD xring has enough links to fit and it will be all GO this weekend!

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