Clarke or IMS Tank??

What are most of you off road/harescamble guys going with??? i have heard about the same for both some say the clarke discolors and some Say they have IMS discolors first?? Also i want this to Fit with the unibikers Radiator gaurds has any one done it?? Also post pics please if you got them?? And were to buy tanks?? :thumbsup:

Just got a Clarke and running it w/ WC rad cages, which are really similar to the unabikers. Plenty of clearance. IMO Clarke is a better looking tank. Website says 2.6 gals. more like 2.9. Bought direct from Clarke Maufacturing. Find 'em on the web.

I have the 3.1 gal. IMS and the Unabikers for my 06'. I've had them since April and they both work great, no problems since installation. The only problems during installation were that in order to use the stock fuel line from the stopcock you have to turn the stopcock backwards. I like it facing out, just like stock, so I got a longer fuel line. The stopcock itself wouldn't seal to the tank, it leaked gas after installation. Upon further inspection you could see that where the stopcock mounts to the tank it wasn't perfectly flat. General design flaw or just my tank or stopcock, I don't know. Some oil/gas gasket paste fixed it.

The radiator guards came like an erector set. There were probably about 30 individual pieces that had to be bolted together. They were Allen head bolts which was a plus. It was a little difficult knowing where all the pieces went even with the diagram but it was doable, just takes time.

After everything was in place, putting the shrouds back on was very difficult. They had to bolt to the tank and the radiator guards. It took 2 people to get them mounted. 1 person to line up the holes and the other to put in the bolts. At one point I thought we might actually break the shrouds because I was pulling on them as hard as I could to get them to line up with the holes.








Thanks rooster I have heard issues with the IMS and the shourds i dont believe that the Clarke has that problem. Still waiting though alot of money for a tank i have heard that you can get more out of you stock tank by adding hot water and presuer through a air compresser has anyone done that and how much did you gain?? is it worth ir or just by a new tank?

I purchased the wr petcock for the Clarke,which points the fuel line in the right direction. There is a thread in here somewhere (450 forum) regarding the boiling water and pressure method. Search fuel capacity. I would purchase the tank and forget about it. Had no problems with shroud alignment or anything like that. Clarke does make the transition at the seat/ tank about an inch wider overall. Also noticed that the bottom of the tank was not flat and had leakage issues at first, then installed petcock with Clarke provided rubber gasket instead of stock o ring and it sealed fine.

clarke is a smaller, thinner tank and IMS is slightly larger, wider. just depends on what you want for size. they are both excellent tanks from reputable companies. I did the boiling water, pressurized tank expansion and it worked well after the 4th try. i ended up with 8.2 litres where as stock is 7, this is perfect for me because I do not like the large, top heavy aftermarket tanks for racing. I would not expect too much larger capacity out of the stock tank without risking a blow up.

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