New WR400 Owner

I went and rode a dirt bike for the first time 2 weeks ago, a '05 KTM 525, and was instantly hooked. I looked around and picked up a '99 WR400 this sat. Its has most of the little tricks done to it(airbox cover gone, gray wire, new header and pipe). It also has a power now air intake, a Zip Ty(?) mixture screw, and protaper bars. I rode it on sunday and love it :thumbsup: . Is there anything else i should check that could pose a problem on it.

What exhaust pipe to you have? I would recommend the DR.D pipe, really opens the bike up nice. There are other aftermarket pipes that will make a bid difference... I love my '00 WR400, one of the best "woods" bikes out there.

Sounds like a very nice set up, I have the same. Unless, you just have to tinker, leave alone and ride! Most important regualr maintenace is oil changes.

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