yz450f dies

my bike runs great but if i put it in neutral or pull the clutch in while i'm moving it dies i can start it right back up and keep the clutch in or neutral when its not moving and it's fine. any ideas?

it might be your fuel screw which controls the low rpm gas mixture. i was having the same problem with one of my bikes and backed the fuel screw out and it was fine

Re: All YZ450 Jetting specs

2006 YZF450 (posted from Burned)

I can sya one thing for sure,the stock yzf jetting will be super lean at sea level.

This bike ended up with a 48 pilot jet a 162 main here at 5500 ft.

It will be able to stand a 158 in the summer.

At sea level you will need a 48 pilot and 170-172 main jet.

i'll try the feul screw my bike doesn't have stock jetting i never had the proublem befor and i didnt cange anything

You can try turning your idle up a bit.

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