So, I bought the 03 WR450

And love it thus far. I swear the provious owner rode it in a field, took a nose dive, broke something on himself, and let it sit, then traded it some years later. I don't think it has ever been washed. The dealer put an AWFUL mirror on it, but other than that no worries thus far. I rode around for a few hours today.

Now, I am wondering what speedo/GPS set-up to get. This only has a stock trip meter. Knowing what my speed is might be nice.

Anything else I need to do to it?



Welcome to the blue side. :thumbsup:

Read some threads about the Trailtech computers. The new model, Vapor, looks like a alot of features for less than $100. Lots of info about GPS's on the Dual Sport forum.

I have an ICO dualsport VRL. Not quite as high tech as the Trailtech bet bulletprooof and has all of the functionallity. Odometer is adjustable by hundreths of a mile if you ride enduros.

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