Has anyone come off of a 525

I have a chance to buy a 2005 XR650 with a street legal kit on it and only 800 miles for $4600, or basically what he owes. I have a 2003 525 MXC that I love but I really want the street legal kit and don't want to go through the hassel of maybe legalizing it in this state. What do these BRP's weigh? Any thoughts?

The XR weighs more-how much I'm not sure. I nearly went with a 525 but was nervous about the small oil capacity for street use. I have an '00 XR650R with a DS kit & am really pleased with it. It weighs consederably less that any of the factory DS bikes & has much more power than any of them. It's great for high speed desert stuff but I'd be a bit nervous for really tight woods or MX.

I currently own both. For any long dualsport ride, the Honda is hands down the bike. For desert with all my buddies...I prefer the KTM. The XR is a great bike......but for all but the long fast rides, the KTM is better.

don’t forget, the KTM will require a cush hub if you do any long road rides. the tranny gears are not as forgiving as the XR.

Yeah, what Chris said. But the XR works pretty well offroad, I just wouldn't want to race it in real technical stuff. You just gotta change your riding style- you know, the old "Go slow to go fast" thing. You'd be surprised how fast you can go on one, even in the tight nasty stuff, but if you try to ride cut-&-thrust or real aggressive like you can on the KTM, you'll wear yourself out. The XR is great on long rides where you're taking lots of rest stops, like when you have a big group with a couple beginners. We're doing the WST and Rubicon this weekend, at least 3 of us are doing it on our 650's.

Thanks for the thoughs. I can't afford both so I think I will stick with the KTM and wait unitl I can afford both.

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