Leak from case nut right by brake pedal tip

Hi guys,

I have a 00' 650R that has a slight leak at the nut (versus the rest are bolts) that's right at the tip of the brake pedal. It's very slow, but oil is definitely getting out. Is this just the right case gasket? Is it easy to replace?

Before anyone gets flame happy or writes "repost" I've tried searching 3 days in a row and every time I search I either get that the search is temporarily disabled or I don't get much. :thumbsup: I'll assume this isn't the clutch counter seal thingy that goes bad on these as this is below the and in front of the clutch.


I too have an '00 WA plated XRR. I have the service manual & the nut you're talking about is just another fastener that holds the right side case cover on. It appears that the only way for it to leak is for the gasket to fail. You might try tightening all the side cover gaskets first & see if that helps. The torque spec is 9lb-ft for all of the bolts & the nut you're talking about. Hope that helps.

Be careful on those small bolts and 9 lb-ft of torque. Most of those are prone to breakage when over torqued. Torque ratings have a range, like 6-9lb-ft, but Honda only shows the high end of the range. Furthermore, torque specs are quoted on clean and DRY threads. Be careful with bolts that have never sieze or oil on them...

I agree, the oil filter cover and clutch cover are both in that area and use rubber o-ring gaskets. Pull the covers and make sure everything is clean and that the o-rings are properly seated. Bolt them back up and see what happens... Good luck.

Thanks guys. I'll be gentle. They look pretty easy to twist right off. I guess I'll be headed to the parts counter for a spendy little piece of rubber if tightening doesn't work. I'll be headed there to get oil and filter soon anyway. Speaking of parts....

Anyone else have trouble getting basic parts (stock air filter, gaskets) from your local Honda dealer? I know there aren't a ton of 650Rs out there, but it's not like I ride a Husky or Beta. I'm in a large metro area too!! :ride: Couldn't even get a stock air filter last time I went to Hinshaw's Honda in Auburn, WA. Of course, it was right before the Desert 100. That could have something to do with it. :thumbsup:

I don't think you have any O-rings to worry about, just the right side inner side case cover gasket.

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