Broken Filler Neck(Tank) '01 YZ426

I was at the track Sunday, just after practicing I put my bike on a shop stand and went to get a drink of water.

Well my bike fell over and my helmet wedged between the filler cap and the ground and the just at the base of the filler neck the plastic broke. :thumbsup: Its broken about half way around the base. What is the best way to repair? Superglue, Epoxy, JB weld?

I know I'll probably need to get a new tank, but prices .

Thanks a Bunch.

Didn't I just read this somewhere? :thumbsup:

Buy a new tank.

unfortunetly the best repair is a new tank. i've tried lots and it just looks bad and doesnt work. sorry

I am in the middle of a 450 plastics conversion, and have a 426 tank that I was going to ebay if you are interested. I also have a full hurricane kit, and two gripper seats.

I did a search in this forum and didn't find what I was looking for.. Thanks for the reply Guys...

GreenKLX.. PM is Sent.. Maybe we can work something out. :thumbsup:

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