Pictures of Father on Harley off roading long time ago?

Hey All...Search is disabled so I thought I'd ask...a while back someone posted pics that they ran across of their father and his friends off roading on their Harley's they appear pics from the 40's or 50's or earlier. THere were a good number of pics like some of trails, some in mud, some stuck, some on rocks...some group shots! I was telling someone about them and what people used to do on those old street bikes and would like to see those pics Again!

Thank you


I remember them. It was in Colorado. I think they were on advrider.

Ive seen those circulating the internet for a few years. The are very cool. Dudes jumping harleys smoking a cig and wearing engineer boots a white T shirt, and jeans, then slogging thru mud I would think twice about on my XR! AND, going thru the snow, deep snow in a light jacket and no gloves!! they were Iron men! My freind has a link I think, Ill see if I can get it.

Excellent! I have been searching the advrider site! thats a pretty cool site! haven't run across the Harley offroading yet so if you do run across that link let me know!



Tell me this guy isn't Carmichaels grandad!



EXCELLENT!!! :ride::thumbsup:

That is just what I was looking for!

Thank you So much!


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