Auto Clutch

Any AMA memebers out there? If so and you haven't done so already, check out the article on the Auto Clutch for dirtbikes in their recent mag.

They rave about this thing for tight trail riding. No more clutch levers. They hooked up the left lever to the rear brake. There by allowing you to use your right leg on nasty right turns.

They report you will be able to tell the person who is using one because he will be the guy riding by you on a nasty steep loose shill hill climb.

I'm not sure this thing is useful for race starts as they say you have to toe the gear shift lever and gradually give it gas to get it to engage. But it gives the advantige of great hook up and control. No more fanning the clutch or stalling on the tight turns, nasty hill climbs or tough terrain. It does reduce engine breaking a bit which doesn't help on the decents but I guess they are working on that.

They don't make one for our bikes yet but they are avail for XRs, KTMs and KLXs. Interesting reading. I wouldn't pony up the big bucks for one. But if all you do is trail ride, it does sound useful.

It's an interesting idea. I don't think I would ever consider it, but then again, I never thought I would buy a 4 Stroke!


Would be great for my daughter, who's only issue with riding is she's scared of clutching. I would never want one personally.

Bonzai :)

I took Dave Wood's class (see DRN for Dave's credentials) at Downieville back in September and he mentioned riding one of these and he seemed pretty impressed. The price is my major obstacle. I need/want all the help I can get.


Heard it's damn near impossible to stall the engine with these that'd make for a different riding experience on the ole WR. :)

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