IMS vs. Clarke Tank for 426

I am looking to get a desert tank for my 426. When looking on the IMS website, it looks like the petcock is on the opposite side of the gas tank compared to the stock tank. Does anyone know if this correct. If so, can you use the stock petcock and is there anything else tricky about installing. Also any feedback between the Clarke and IMS would be appreciated.

Yes, your suspicions are confirmed. I have a 2002 426 and I am running the IMS tank. The petcock is absolutely on the opposite side from stock. This does not seem to be a problem except you have to get used to it! The only issue I can see is that it looks as if the bottom 10% or so of the tank might not be able to get fuel into the carb since the fuel line actual travels up (against gravity). I have not run myself this low on gas yet so I cannot confirm that problem.

Were you able to use your stock petcock, or did you have to change it. It seems like if you were to move it to the other side, that it would change the orientation of the direction the the fuel line would come out. Did you run the fuel line around the front or rear of the engine. Any pics would be appreciated. Thanks

i have recently purchased a clarke tank and am very pleased with it....petcok is on the left side of the tank (which is somewhat convienient) the bottoms of the tank hang down low by the side of the engine soo when im not riding long distance at the track i just put a couple gallons in it and it lowers the center of gravity for better handling but when i need it i have the ability to ride all day on a tank.

Personally I have never liked Clarke tanks. The shape is too edgy and they have a tendency (moreso than IMS) to yellow over time. Even if you use race gas Clarke tanks will stain and make it look bad. The 426 tank from IMS does also utilize a right-side petcock so all the fuel can be used and drained. I havn't ran that low on gas yet with my IMS tank to see if you can use all of it, but I do know that when I drain the tank...all of the gas comes out, so I'm not worried. It's an excellent design and doesn't effect steering geometry like the Clarke does. The Clarke tanks carry their fuel too high so if you fill it up you are feeling WAY top-heavy and will fall easily in the corners. The IMS tanks utilize two petcocks so the fuel can be carried lower which doesn't effect handling.

Check them both out anyway, Clarke makes their tanks if they are sold out you will still get it within 48 hours because they make them right at the facility they are in. IMS doesn't do that, but I'm almost certain the 426 tank is not ever sold out anymore from IMS.

Thanks for all of the info. Doug, do you know if the IMS tank comes with a second petcock, or do you have to buy one separately?

Thanks for all of the info. Doug, do you know if the IMS tank comes with a second petcock, or do you have to buy one separately?

It comes with everything you need, but if you want to be able to shut off all fuel flow from the right side you will need to buy a seperate petcock from Yamaha directly. A second one is not included.

Just to clear things up on the IMS tanks for the 426. I just called them to make sure I had the right info. It uses only one petcock, on the right hand side. They supply a new petcock with gasket as well as enough fuel line to wrap around to the carburetor. Hope this helps everyone out. Thanks for all of the previous info guys.

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