What gearing for street riding? I can't maintain much over 60 comfortably.

Took my '01 WR426 out today for my first extended street ride and rode about 26 miles. Had a section through a canyon of 50 and 60 mph speed limits. Current gearing is 14/42 w/ DOT tires. It was comfortable crusing up to around 55mph then the wind resistence and revs began to take over. It was revving around 6000-6500 at 60mph and with the bad vibrations, I didn't want to hold it there for too long. This was also using a MX style helmet w/ large visor. Would using a full face street helmet make the bike more comfortable at high speed on the street?

Those of you who do over 60 mph on a WR, what gearing do you use? With this current gearing, I have to slip the clutch quite a bit to start out at stoplights and any kind of single track trail is very hard even in 1st gear with this gearing when it gets technical at all. Any suggestions? Wish I had a 6th gear so I could run lower gearing for the trail and still cruise comfortably.

I guess I'll just have to get a KTM 640 in the future for dual sport riding and keep the WR for more serious trails.

14/42 is way over geared!

I bet you have no acceleration and it won't rev out at all.

15/50 is nice on the street, and is a good compromise for trails. It won't have great pick up, but it will go way better than your current 14/42 set up.

When you want to use it on the trails, it is easy to change front to 14.

14/48 I feel is the best all round compromise, it will do 60mph easily, but still have plenty left. It will rev a little bit high but will be at the start of the "power" for overtaking and accelerating.

When using a mx helmet at these speeds, put the visor down all the way. Keep your head pointing a bit down too. A got a shoei vfx-dt helmet and the visor doesn't seem to catch the wind half as bad as other helmets I have had. They are probably the best helmets on the market as well. They cost lots, but worth it.

My bike has great acceleration for street use and will wheelie in 1st, 2nd and 3rd gears. I have a 47 tooth rear that I will try with my 14 tooth front. I figure I can then switch between a 13 and 15 tooth front for different uses. Am I just thinking that 6000 revs is too high for constant cruising? Seems almost borderline uncomfortable at 60 mph. BTW, it seems to top out around 85 mph, but that is with a lot of revs and it takes a little while to get there.

Maybe I should just put more faith in my bike's valvetrain and let her rev?

Throw on your 14/47. I think you will like it more for everything.

You only get 85? Something is wrong with your bike. My guess is it can't pull 14/42!

Let it rev a bit. ~6000rpm wouldn't be in the power.

15/50 is nice on the street, and is a good compromise for trails. It won't have great pick up, but it will go way better than your current 14/42 set up.

I would agree.. The 15 counter is the easiest way to go, if you want to go trail riding just go back to the 14.

Put on my 47 tooth rear with the 14 tooth front and it has more torque and power but revs pretty high at higher speeds. I think part of the problem I think I have with higher revs is because the previous owner took out the exhaust baffle and there is no packing the in the muffler and it is very loud. Extremely loud at high revs exagerates the the actual revs. It will now pull much better wheelies in 3rd gear

The thing'll rev safely to 10k+....let 'er breathe!

I run 15/48 and find this to be the perfect setup. I don't ride crazy tight trails, but the gearing is good for mx, and ds, and the trails up north.

I think part of the problem is with your ear. You think that it "sounds" like you are revving the bike hard, when you are really not.

I have cought myself in this same situation. What helps is to really rev the piss out of her, making her scream to around 80 mph, then when you back it off to 60 mph the sound and vibes don't feel as bad. :ride:

Not sure if this is what you wanted to hear, but I have cruized with some street bikes ( yes they were going slow) around 80 mph for a half hour or so and it is not bad on the bike.

Just remember, yamahas like to be beaten :thumbsup:

I think that once I get my Promotobillet muffler insert and quiet it down a little I will be much more comfortable reving the heck out of it on the road. It is just so loud at high revs right now that it is not comfortable to maintain high speeds.

15/50 with the stock chain or 15/52 with a new chain

Went for a long 80% dirt/20% road ride yesterday and I'm really glad I changed from 14/42 to 14/47 gearing, really helps out on the trail and I would even go back to 14/50 for any tighter trails. I didn't have to cruise much over 45 yesterday so it was perfect gearing, even at 50 mph. I should have my new muffler baffle today and I think that will go a long way towards helping me feel better about revving it on the highway. Right now my ears ring after a long ride because it is so loud, that is how bad it is. If I ever need to do an extended highway run over 55 mph, I will just put on a 15 tooth front sprocket for 15/47 gearing and I should be set.

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