Works Connection glide plate mod - 06 YZ450

I got a WC glide plate for my 06 YZ450 and the first thing I noticed was that I could not get my fingers into the hole on the right side to change the oil. I did not want to have to take the plate off every time I changed the oil so I decided to modify it.

I ended up making the hole 3" overall from front to back and widening it 1/4" on the engine side and about 1/8" (or less) on the frame side. Now I can easily get a wrench and my fingers to easily reach the drain plug.

Hope this helps.



The std hole is too small... I can manage to get it out, but it takes twice as long as it did without the plate. I figure one of those new ratcheting wrenches might just do the trick though. If not, I'll consider taking a saw to it as well.



T-handles...loosen three bolts and the plate is off..

The larger hole is a good idea though.

I did pretty much the same thing to mine, it's much easier to change oil now.

I have my WC plate sitting on my bench right now, i have traced the outline of the stock plate and had planed to get someone to cut it for me b/c a dremmel is all i have to cut it and it would take forever with that!

Your design seems much easier...i may try that.

re: racheting 12mm - tried that, it is a bit easier but in the end, not a whole lot better.

Lightly press the bolt to the threads with your index finger and spin it in with your middle finger. More than enough room.

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