06 WR450 Engine, One sick motor...

You probably are thinking I have a problem with my engine But I dont. I installed the 06 WR450 Engine in my 04 YFZ450 ATV and All I can say is if this is the same motor most of you guys have in your friggin Dirt Bikes I think I wouldnt be able to hold on.

I got the AIS kit from ThumperTalks store. Bought a Really open pipe and a Veleocity intake. The motor is the most powerful engine I have ever ridden on and From what I see alot on this Forum on how Some ppl think the WR450 engine isnt that great, add on a Pipe, Intake, Jetting, Cams and The Bike grey Wire mod and you should be screamin. My brother took the machine for a ride and his hands fell off the bars going up the field. I dont even have my Generation 3 Crower Cam in yet from Velocity Racing but Im sure it will nice.

I just thought I would let you guys in on my experience with the WR450 engine. Its no toy anymore, too much power for the trails you have to watch out for the trees. Walked right by our predator like it wasnt there and giving my brother a head start.

I am at a 1513 foot elevation and my main jet is 170, fuel screw is out 1-3/4 I think and and the one other jet is a 45 now whatever one that was. Does that seem right. She starts right up no problem too, but slight hesistation when going 20 MPH on a trail just putting. If you nail the gas no hesitation just dirt in the air.


Hey well done, sort out the gearing ratios you were asking about I guess?

I dont know anyone who is unhappy with the WR motor once modded. We may have minor grumbles only.

Re jeting, did you look for indy/Clark jetting guide. The 170 is the max you will need until you put that cam in. I would go up to the 48 pilot and get a few leak jets. 0, 35 and 40. The STD is 50 and is too big. Adjustable needle (JD or OEM) on #4 position seems to work for most conditions.



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