I have a 2006 450 in yellow/black and i wana put some black rims with black hub and spokes and gold nipples. What would be the cheapest way to put a set together without using my stock stuff and where would i get it?????? how much should i look at spending for front and rear. I could go with a little bit of a cheaper rim maybe the cheap excels? thanks guys/gals

i wouldn't go cheaper. i've already bent and put flat spots on my stock excell rims. i could only imagine what would happen with cheaper metals..

maybe warp 9 from rockymountainmc. They are pretty cheap pricewise. You can also just get them powder coated for dirt cheap!

try tcrwheellacing.com. They can anodize your rims and coat your hubs black for like 500 dollars. They do great work and there turn around time is like 4 to 5 days.

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