2003 YZ450 Tank on 2002 WR426

Well this work? I have done a search but have not found anything about this working. Any help would be great.


5TJ-24110-50-00 (replaces 5TJ-24110-00-00) 450


5GS-24110-01-00 (replaces 5GS-24110-00-00) 426

again as the part numbers except model id numbers is the same , so another definite maybe.

if i was a gambling man, i'd put $10 on it. but im not, because if i was i'd be at the casino losing all the money i'd normally spend on my bike and wouldnt be here gambling with your money.

good luck

They sure look different.



I thought 98 through 02 plastic was interchangeable but changed after that.

I could be wrong. I have been before.


03 450


02 426

The seat will be the problem the 450 seat is flatter in front where it goes up on the tank the 426 seat kicks upto go up the big tank. You should check to see if aftermarket seat SDG, FX, will fit I think they only sell YZ seats which may still work better than WR426 seat with this tank

Right now I have an oversized tank. Because it was made for a YZ i have a YZ426 seat on it. Are the YZ 426 and YZ 450 seats different.

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