06 Radiator guards

3 inches doesn't count :cry:

Is that better?

You're gettin' there! :thumbsup:

What you should have said was;

I wouldn't classify 3 inches as "deep". :ride:

I have a set of WC radiator cages on my 06 450, and after seeing how flimsy the stock mounting set up was and then installing the cages and seeing the difference, no one can tell me they are junk. If you are looking to make your radiators impervious to punctures or front impacts, then mount up some devol guards, but your still not getting the side impact protection that the WC cages offer. The vast majority of radiators are damaged from a side impact (dropping your bike on the side) and the radiator cages will most definetely help if not eliminate them.

Does anyone know if the DR.D radiator lowering kit will work with the WC cages? On the YZF450

surprisingly i have not bent my radiators yet and I have taken 4 good spills on my bike. even my gas cap came off once but radiators are still good as new. I am going to get the cages for this season

Here are my Devols (skiddy and rad braces, plus the money $hot!) :ride:



Snow shovel


oh, oh, too late! :thumbsup:


Does anyone know if the DR.D radiator lowering kit will work with the WC cages? On the YZF450

No, I actually spoke to Doug on this topic because I have his radiator lowering kit on my 06YZ450 and they will not fit. :thumbsup:

I also doubt if the Devol's will fit.

The WC Cages are worth the wait. You can't tell they are on, but they are very very strong and well designed. Fit is perfect. Well worth the wait if they are backordered.

I put the devol ones on my 06. Kind of a pain in the butt to get those bolts started & they are a little heavy, but I like knowing that I have that extra protection since those aluminum radiators are soft & $$$!

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