yz400 exhaust

i have a 98 yz400. does it do any damage to the bike running the exhaust with no muffler packing, or does it simply make the bike quieter. cheers sam

Yes, running the bike with no packing is very harmful. It reduces backpressure which the muffler bearings need to operate properly. Once the muffler bearings are shot, you might as well buy a new bike because they are so expensive to replace.

I don't think it will do harm, but it will be louder and sound horrible. Pack it, help keep our trails open. Your bike will also run smoother and crisper and u might get a little bottom end back.

Pack it, period.


looks like im packing my exhaust. thanks guys

Repacking my Big Gun muffler did affect how the bike ran in a positive way, not to mention the noise factor. A well packed muffler make the bike sound mean :thumbsup:

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