Acerbis Disk Guard

Does anyone know where i can buy these from please .Tried acerbis .TT and other sites It is to fit a 04 wr 450 .I did not think it would be so hard to buy these?. I found the pic on ebay it is for a 03 wr450 I don't know if they will fit? Thanking you Ian.


Sorry . Kept searching and I just found acerbis Worldwide :ride: . I will see what they come up with. It is called a (SPIDER EVOL. FRONT DISC COVER) Looks trick.

Cheers :thumbsup:

I got a plastic disk gaurd for my 04 Wr450 FROM CYCRA. The fit is OK, but it was all I could find for the bike. However you might also try, they sell the Acerbis,(I think?)

I would like to find one of these for my 06 WR here in Canada also, I love the look with the hint of blue.

Go to ur local dealer and look it up in the "Parts Unlimited" book, they should have it, thats how i got mine.

Found one in Australia.

New. Blue SPIDER EVOL. FRONT DISC COVER . 5190 Blue/white $44.95 cheers.

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