yz 426 in sand?

i am recently planning a trip to pismo in a few days on my 00 yz426. i run high quality redline synthetic oil and evans waterless npg coolant. im going to be running a paddle. my main concern is overheating...should i be worried? ive also heard i should run my sag lower to keep front end lighter. what is the smartest way to set up the 426 for sand?

I have a 2002 426 and have run it in the sand on several occassions with a paddle. Generally speaking you should not have to worry about the over heating issue. I ride with CRF 450s all the time and they do have a major over heating issue. They have tried everything, that expensive engine ice coolant and that did not help at all. I run standard radiator coolant and have not had any troubles. Of course, if it is 100 degrees outside you will probably have to keep an eye on things. If you are worried, just ride for a while with wind at your face to force more air in your radiator. This is what we have to do to cool down the Hondas.

thanx for the info..yah i used to run engine ice which worked fine but ive had better results with evans..its more expensive but it works great. soo at least i kno theres not much to be worried about. but as always i will keep an eye on things

YZ426's whip ass in the dunes. Like they were made for it.

I rode my YZ400 at Pismo last summer and had no overheating problems, using standard antifreeze/distilled water mix.

I was down there with my Banshee last month, and the sand was the softest, deepest stuff I've ever seen. You'll have trouble with the front tire washing out at low speed, but you'll be just fine when you get some momentum going, especially with the paddle.

Yeah, i will second that on the sand being super soft right now. I live in the area and lately it has just been super super soft. For example. I was heading into the start of a bowl from left to right and it was my first time on that particular dune. The front of my bike actually sank and flipped me over the bars. I have never ever even come close to that happening before. The bike sort of flew over me and when i stood up, i was like past knee deep where it got in teh top of my boot. Luckily it is just sand and i had not hit it going to fast on my first time on it.

But... I have a 2002 YZ426 and i don't even use a paddle. It just jams. But it has been a bit warm, but never too warm to worry about overheating. It is the ocean air and it is like 55 degrees at the low in the morning and 80 or so at the high right now.

You will be fine.

My 426 loves sand!!!!

I have been out on soft dunes in 110deg heat and yes the bike ran hotter, but it didnt over heat.

Just keep an eye on things while riding.

Pismo doesn't get hot like Glamis/Dumont and as long as you keep momentum up you'll be fine.

My concern regarding riding sand is keeping it out of the motor in the event of a crash. I've read about these bikes sucking water during low speed stream crossings and laying the bike over in sand could also have catastrophic results. Do you sand guys run the breather tube higher in the frame?

I ran my YZ400 is the sand a lot of times & never had a problem with overheating out at Gordans Well & Buttercup. We used to ride for over an hour straight, both high & low speed without any problems. I had my fair share of crashes too & no problems with sand injestion. I always ran an UNI filter & there was some sand on the filter itself, but not in the motor.

Yeah, i would highly suggest getting some super tacky air filter oil.

Just in case.

But just don't crash, hehe.

Yeah, i would highly suggest getting some super tacky air filter oil.

Just in case.

But just don't crash, hehe.

I agree, I use the Maxima stuff, it works good & gets really tacky.

The hot ticket is a K&N and an outwears pre-filter for the sand. I spent many years riding Dumont, Glamis and Pismo and will swear by that setup.

I've yet to get my 4-stroke in the sand and would hate to vacuum sand into my top end from the breather tube. Glad to hear it hasn't been an issue for you Chris. There's some nice dunes on the Oregon coast I'm jonzin' to try out.

it gets pretty warm here and I ride my YZ450 in the desert with a paddle.

I haven't had any problems with overheating so far.

But I keep the bike moving..

I've yet to get my 4-stroke in the sand and would hate to vacuum sand into my top end from the breather tube. .

I have routed the breather tube into the air box because I was worried about the same thing.

My buddy told me that YZ426's don't have enough power in the sand at all. He said that his CR500 just eats them up. I have a very hard time believing that after I rode one, but then again it was on a track and not deep sand. Do they have enough zip?

A 426 has PLENTY of power, but a CR500 would have more power than a 426, just because it is a bigger engine. Lots of people prefer 2 strokes in the sand anyways.

But a 426 does fine. Your buddy is high if he says it does NOT have enough power at all in the sand! I can mob my 426 up anything in the sand.

yah i own both a cr 500 and the yz 426 the 500 was built for sand...it rips. this will be the first time for me running my 426 in sand all day thats why i was worried about the overheating issue.

Correct me if I am wrong, but my buddy said that the CR500 made at least 20 more hp than the 426F. If that is so, wouldn't the four stroke feel a little underpowered after riding the big bore 2 stroker? I was thinking of riding my 250F in the sand, but if the 426 struggles, I would definitely be in trouble.

Engine temp strips? As for sag, It's pretty common to increase the race sag 1/4" or more when going from hard pack to deep sand. It really does help keep the front from digging in.

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