Wtf???? Htf????

i just got this in my e-mail, can someone tell me &%$#@! is this all about? and has anyone gotten one of these?

wise is inquiring about: Stock 06 YZ450F parts


My client is interested in buying your bike from you placed on and i will like you to know that my client is really much

interested with the price,present condition of the bike because the bike is

needed urgently to shoot a film in ontairo canada in which you will see the

advert of the film when the film is been produced so he is going to include your

asking price and my shipping fee which is the shipping charges of the bike

because am the official shipping company since four years ago as a business

partner in terms of shipment.His mehtod of payment by a cashier check or an

official check.If yes pls get back to me with the informations below so that the

cheque can be send to you in the first class mail or for more enquiries you can

contact my clinet directly through his emai

NAME TO BE WRITTEN ON THE CHEQUE......................



ASKING PRICE.............................

I will be looking forward to hear from you soon or you can contact my client

through the email

Click here to view the product.

If you have already sold this item, please click here to mark the item as SOLD.

scam dont do it........i have gotten several of them they are criminals. they write a check for "X" amounts over the price send you the check you cash it send the extra back and then they walk away with money and you get screwed or they just get free parts

What a moron, that person thought you were selling the whole bike :thumbsup: Gotta love the scammers!

It's kind of fun to do....just keep there fraud check and don't send them anything. Then tell them "my client decided to keep your money" or "you must pick up in person" or better yet, send them monopoly money back! :ride:

It is really funny to hear them get all pissed off. :cry:

i figured as much...i was thinking...ok they want my exhaust for a movie shoot?

"the little exhaust that could"

send them monopoly money back!

That would be funny! Send the full amount back (in monopoly money).And tell them you changed your mind! :ride::cry::thumbsup:

i got like over 50 of those emails :thumbsup:

We got one from "Mike Hampton" just yesterday. I asked where he was located and they glossed over that request. Who would buy a bike sight unseen anyway? BEWARE. When it seems to good to be true , it is!!!!! i said i was only selling my stock exhaust

I kept at the "I need you address" request and the guy gave me some funky addy in the UK. I am thinking I will check with the law enforcement here to see if they can run it and see if it is even a valid address.

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