Are Big Name Foam Filters Created Equal?

Hey All, I'm not talking about the K&N filters I'm talking about the Uni, or other Foam Air filters over stock...I've had the white brothers Air filter that the Previous owner got so I'm not sure how much better over stock it is. I took all but 1 layer off of the backfire screen to improve breathability but was wondering if I would still improve on the breathing of the beast if I went with a Uni filter with an internal support? OR if all the Foam Air-filters are pretty much the same as long as it isn't the stock filter?

Just curious.


What a coincidence you ask this questiuon. I just yesterday installeed a TwinAir withthe stock filter cage and removed my stocker to use on my other bike. The new filter got rid of a niggling problem I have had with the stock filter, pipe and jetting, it used to surge a little at part throttle, now it runs clean and revs a little quicker in all gears.

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