Cable routing question

I just installed a BRP upper/lower S.U.B. mount with the Scotts damper on my 650R. The original cable route causes the clutch and decomp cables to get crushed between the damper tower and the upper triple. Per BRP, they state to run the cables on the outside of the fork leg between the bar and the upper triple. Did that, now the cables bind slightly and when I take the bars to full lock left and return, the clutch cable hangs out in the breeze where Mr. Murphy can grab it. I just ordered a cable clamp from 1x International that may help. Any suggestions?

I have the same setup on my bike (that I made a couple years ago). I bought the cable clamp from 1x, too, but it doesn't work with the SUB mount- cables are too short. Unless you go with longer cables, you're at the mercy of Mr. Murphy. So far, I haven't had any problems with this routing. Now that I said that, though, I'll probably get 'em yanked off in the trees. Ughhh..

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