W.T.B 01-02 YZF Aluminum sub-frame

I'm thinking :) That I would like to put a YZF sub-frame on my 02 WR426, if the price is right..

Not for what little weight you will save, you can buy a lot of extras for $240-$250 dollars.

After looking at your long list of goodies all I can say is....Whoeee!


I'm still running a stock subframe so I don't have any first hand advice. However, you might contact http://www.onoffroad.com. They carry aluminum sub-frames made by AC racing to OEM specs for around $180. They don't show a p/n for the 02 though so call and ask. Also, most of the after market guys make them for the YZFs so more than likely they won’t have the mounting tab for the radiator overflow tank. No big deal, a local welding shop can add this for just a few bucks. Good luck.

Thanks Scott,

I'm looking into it...

Think about the Ti version if you are going to spend the money. It saves an additional pound or so. But if you are looking to save weight - change out the rear fender (MX style), airbox (DSP Carbon fiber), and shock spring (Ti version) in addition to the subframe. This mix saves about 10+ pounds - at a $150/pound you can't go wrong - or you could push away from the table a bit earlier and save the $1500.....what makes sense to you?

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