Prefered brand on YZ chaindrive

I need to replace chain and both sprokets, what's the preference around here? (and, yes I'm too lazy to do a search)

Regina ORN6 chain, Tag rear sprockets, and Tag or Renthal fronts. I've had excellent service from these.

The fronts are not that far apart in quality. As long as they aren't cheapos, they'll work. The Tag rear is very light, reasonably priced at $65, and last a lot longer than most aluminum sprockets do. Not as long as Ironman, of course, but they are lighter and less costly.

The Regina chain has been spectacular. The one on my '03 is two years old, and is still less than 1% longer than new. I've had to adjust it maybe 3 times, and the maintenance consists of washing it with the rest of the bike, then lubing it. Runs freely, too. All that, for only $70. :thumbsup:

Either the new Sunline chain and sprocket combo OR a DID 520ERT2 chain and Renthal sprockets.Have had excelent luck with both.

i got the Ironman/DID combo from motosport. very happy with the price and quality of the sprockets and chain. i would recommend it to anybody, too bad i'll have to buy another one soon :thumbsup:

Ironman and a DID ERT2...

Cheap steel sprockets all the way. They are heavy, but last longer than the aluminum if you are just a trail rider. I agree with the Regina O-Ring. I have had 3 DID X-Rings and the Regina O-Ring has lasted much longer.

hey mark,i've given up on the fancy sprockets and gone back to sunstar steel. the weight difference between them and the sidewinder trimetal i was running is only a few oz. i've found a new x-ring chain from parts unlimited (its made by EK) that seems to be of better quality than the regina i was running,the regina did give the best service life of any chain i've run so far though (a whole yr) we'll see how this one stacks up. best part is the whole combo is $108,and can probly be had cheaper through TT with their price break :thumbsup:

Ironman and a DID ERT2...

The absolute best quality sprockets, longest lasting, non oring/non chainslide wearing option available today......I have years of use on my 03 and and the only combo I will ever use until a better lighter chain is made! PERIOD :thumbsup::ride:

and the sprockets have a guarantee :cry:

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