YZ exhaust on WR.

A few months ago I purchased a 05 YZ exhaust silencer on EBay, (brand new for $43) and today finally got to bolt it on. It took a whole 15 min and fit perfect.

Definitely more power but a whole lot more noise.

My WR silencer had the first internal baffle cut out and a PMB insert. It ran good but not like teh YZ can.

My question is:

Has anyone ever pulled the tail end off the YZ silencer and the riveted the WR endcap on.

My thoughts are these.

I'd have a more 'tuneable' silencer and may be a little quieter.

Could go from spark arrestor and PMB to no arrestor very easy.

Could also go w/o PMB all together.

It looks like it'll fit but have I missed something?

That sounds like an interesting idea, I'd try that too is its possible. Anybody done this?

I've already had the end off of the WR silencer. Pretty easy to get apart. The YZ's looks like its the identical oval shape and same rivet pattern.

I'll give it a go later this week and let you know.

I bought a Dr.D spark arrester and the silencer. It seems like the sparky alone takes the edge off of the noise. I'd bet that it is around 98, 99db. Seemed to smooth out the power a bit down low, but without any loss of power anywhere. Your idea might work though. THe PMB diameter is smaller than the stock YZ, but it might not make much difference in power. Dont wreck your WR can though. I will use mine in case I dont pass a sound check(PMB, First baffle removed) as it only takes a couple minutes to change. I believe that my WR can is quiter than the Dr.D silent insert(not the sparky insert), too, though I have not tried them back to back.

I bought a Dr.D spark arrester and the silencer. It seems like the sparky alone takes the edge off of the noise.
I've got the Dr.D SA end cap as well and I agree that it's a little quieter. I didn't get the quiet core yet, though. How do you feel about the noise reduction and power characteristics of it?

I think that it definantly kills the power a bit, and doesnt seem to make it THAT much quiter, but who knows how the sound meter hears it. I think that the PMB insert on the stocker(first baffle removed) is quiter and is probably as fast, if not faster. I have only ridden with the silent core as a quick test in the field by my house. I have searched and searched here and it seems like the quiet core wont pass the 96 db test. Here in Oregon it is 99 so I'm not very concerned. Hope that helps.

Did you ever build your YZ/Wr hybrid? I like the YZ can but it's a little loud. How much quieter is the WR can with the first baffle removed? Would you say it's halfway between stock (with PMB tip) and the YZ can.

I have the YZ can on the bench but haven't torn into WR one yet. I've been waiting for a period of a few days where I can 't ride. I'll hopefully get to is soon.

I too sized up the mufflers, and thought the rear rivot pattern does look to match the wr, (my wr has first baffle and PMB also) but i too want to be able to swap back and forth when i need the quieter one...

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