'01 WR426 has not Gray wire!

I searched and read for about an hour and read the TT FAQ and nothing specifically pertains to a WR426, eveything is WR250 and WR450. Found 2 - 6 pin connectors on the right side of the frame by the gas tank that come out of the black CDI box. I peeled back the rubber boot of the closer 6 pin connector (gray plastic connector block) and it did not have a specifically gray color wire, I had my wife confirm this and she could not find a gray color wire. Had black, yellow, green, blue and blue with black stripe, plus one more color, none of them were gray.

I moved on to the other 6 pin connector block (this one is black plastic) and it also did not have a gray color wire, just an assortment of different color wires.

In searching the archives on the gray wire, I found 4 or 5 posts similar to this one where someone with a WR426 was asking which gray wire because there is no FAQ or tutorial for the WR426, and not one of them were answered with any help.

Thanks for reading my Noob tech problem.

I'm sure there is a gray wire to cut to revert to YZ timing, it is just not gray.

Yup. It's there on my 426. It looks more white, yhough, than gray

is it part of the gray 6 pin connector or is it part of the black 6 pin connector? Any other info you can give me to help me locate it? Thanks.

There is no gray wire on my Canadian WR . Did you buy your bike new? Check the VIN or the Emission Sticker on the head tube to verify.

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