06 WR 450 breakin

WOW what a bike !!!! Fast as hell after making most of the mods. Removed the AIS, add a fuel screw, and boysen quickshot. Ive ridden it about 5 times and about 165 miles and one enduro race. After going through my bike I noticed some dirt in my radiator over flow. I drained the over flow and add some fresh fluid. Is this just part of break in? I'm going to change my oil for the second time after my next ride. The oil looks great right now with about 100 miles on it. Is it normal to see some dirt or grit in the over flow?

Thanks Otter

06 WR 450 :ride::cry::thumbsup:

Never had any dirt in my 06 overflow tank, wouldn't worry too much though as long as the dirt is pretty small & no water journals are blocked.

Dirt is like sand. It gets EVERYWHERE. Wouldn't be too concerned about it. See it again. Try flushin the system.

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