anyone else have a Vapor?

i need some pics of the instal. the mount they gave me doesn't stick out past the bar clamps and it isn't centered on the bike.

I have one but have not installed it yet. I am waiting for the temps to drop below 100, when I get to it I will take some pics of the process and post them.


I have one and I mounted it just to the left of the crossbar pad on the left side of the handlebars. I will try to fab up a bracket to mount it just in front of the handlebars and behind the headlight shroud, but for now this location just to the left of center works well and is very visible. Only downside is that it isn't protected if the bike should land on the bars. I really want to get some Pro Taper style bars so that I can mount it down by the handlbar clamps and get it nice and visible as well as protected. My Vapor has been great in the last few weeks.

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