What part would this be?

Hey, my friend just picked up a 06'. He bought it used, and we looked over it and everything was good besides one of the holes for the axle holder nut. The previous owner said he was tourqing it down and he had his tourqe wrench set wrong and then the nut snaped inside it, half of it fell out, half was in the clamp...

Anyways, we drilled out the hole and got the old nut that was stuck in out of there and we got a clean hole, but no threads in it (we tried screw extractors, ez-outs, but nothing worked so we just drilled it out). Anyways, the first 3 are fine, then the very last one right before the axle nut, is the one with the stripped out hole.

Anyways Jimmy (my friend) and I went down to Ace Hardware, got a bolt that matched as close as we could to the stock one, slid it through the hole, then we took a locking nut and screwed it on the bottom. It don't press agianst the fork assembly because the fork assembly is on a angle and not designed to have a bolt w/ nut.

We got the first 3, plus his axle nut, and then we got that bolt and nut, which is tight, it works and all, but it just don't look right. We rode today, my bike was fine, but I did notice the Seal Savers tearing like you guys said they would, but Jimmy's bike was fine too, everything works good.

To get to the point, he wants it fixed, so we don't have to have a nut at bottom, and we can have it threaded inside like the rest of them.

1. Is their anyway he can tap the hole out, or what's this HediCoil stuff?

2. If their's not a easy fix he was looking at just ordering the entire new bottom fork assembly and new bolts, etc...

This is the part he would need (circled),


We can't figure out what item number it would be though, the closest we could think is 27 but that shows the right side, and we need the left one, the side with the brake holder...


Any idea's at all?

Thanks, from the both of us.

helicoils are threads that you insert into the hole basicly. it all depends on how much you drilled out of the hole. if you didn't go to big you could probably just tap out the hole and use the same bolt from yamaha i believe its #51 on your parts list. that would be the first thing i would try. buying a hole new bottom part is rediculous for something you can tap out and put a new bolt in. worst case you would have to go up one size on the bolt but it wouldn't be noticable and you wouldn't have to have a nut on the bottom so it wouldn't really be noticable. also it looks like that bottom part is 238, i would save my money and just tap the hole.

To my knowledge this is a part that is included with the lower fork assembly and not sold separate from Yamaha. I want to buy one for my 03 as I removed a lot of wasted material from it (the wrap around metal brakeline guide and extra metal for the mounting hole for the plastic cover)with a grinder, when I swapped for CR brakeline routing....

You may try Enzo for a kyb factory lower mount or I would try a timesert for the stripped out hole - they hold up much better than helicoils

I would just leave the bolt and nut in there and put a rotor gaurd on. It covers it. :thumbsup:

The item nuber is 3, inner tube complete, 2, $238

You can have the drop out repaired with a Heli-Coil or a Time-Sert, or try it yourself.

I would just leave the bolt and nut in there and put a rotor gaurd on. It covers it. :ride:

I know but I hate those rotor covers..... :thumbsup:

Alright guys, I talked to my friend and he's going to give the Heli-Coil a shot. I told him to just keep the nut and bolt, but he wants it threaded inside.

I know this is for the previous year YZ450 and I am not sure if it would work but I thought I would pass the info on to you.

Ebay item #: 280009195432 (left fork leg)


helicoil will work fine unless the hole has been drilled out too big for the appropriate size bolt. those bolts shouldn't be torqued that tight anyway, don't use loctite on them after you put in a helicoil as it may pull the helicoil threads out next time you take the bolt out. i sell these helicoil kits all day long(work at a napa store) they kick ass. time serts are better but not really necessary in this instance, IMO. time serts work great in high torque applications and are really strong, but sometimes they are hard to find(around here anyway).

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