Devol Skid Plate????

Does anyone know if the Devol Skid plate for the '06 450 covers the lower frame rails that run parallel under the motor. I ride in a fair amount of rocks and I want to make sure that the frame rails are protected as much as possible with this skid plate before I buy it and find out otherwise. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have one on my 06. It fits real nice. Up front it sits inbetween the frame, but it gradually slopes out, then covers the frame rails on the bottom of the bike. Also up front it has slots machined out to help keep airflow moving to cool the motor. It is also real easy to put on and take off. There is a whole cut out for doing oil changes, but I like to take mine off for doing that.

I am also curious if this would cover the baja designs stator on a 2002 426. From pictures it seems to be the best option available...anyone have any experience with it?

Here's mine:


I just bought a devol skid plate for my yz250f and it was really easy to install and looks like it would protect the engine very well.

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