Street legal 04 WR450 in az?

I want to register my wr450 in AZ and I was wondering if it is difficult. I live in CA and it is not possible here. Any tricks or advice would be great.

I think I remenber reading some helpful information on the Trickdualsport web site. they talked of a plan to use your own name or a slight variation or your name as a lien holder on the title to help with the issue of a CA drivers licence and AZ registration. try this site for more research There have been a ton threads on this topic you may want to search this forum before you get flamed for not searching first. Baja designs web site has good info on this topic as well.

I want to register my wr450 in AZ and I was wondering if it is difficult. I live in CA and it is not possible here. Any tricks or advice would be great.

I have registered many off-road bikes here in AZ. You will need:


-Tail light/brake light



This is all the state requires to be road worthy. You can run knobbies, they don't care. They will inspect your bike, I think it is $50, then you can register it. In the cities that require emissions(Phoenix, for example), you will need to get your bike tested every year-$18. Unless, your bike is 5 years old, or anything newer that 2002 you don't have to test until it is 5 years old. A bit of advice-If you have upgraded your exhaust, keep your stock exhaust and jetting, so if your bike doesn't pass with your after market race exhaust, you can always go back to stock to pass emissions.

For the tail light, I recommend the Baja Designs LED. It has a running light, license light, and a brake light, plud the LED lights don't put much of a load on your stock stator. Just use your stock tail light for a running light, for extra visability to other drivers.

If you want the full dual sport kit, they sell a nice one. Otherwise, just get an Acerbis handlebar mirror-

and a bicycle squeeze horn from a bicycle store. (cheezy, but legal).

If you are too cool for the queeze horn, Baja designs sells a 9V horn.

I have registered all my 4-stroke dirtbikes so I can go anywhere I want. :thumbsup:

I've had Game and Fish pull me over and a few Sherriffs, but once the registration comes out, they can't do squat. :ride:

It's easy, I did my need a taillight/brakelight(just wire the brake filament, it's already a 2-fil bulb/socket), license light, horn(audible for 500'), LEFT mirror. DMV does NOT inspect, a law was passed a few years ago leaving that up to police officers...

You already have a headlight with a standard H4 bulb in it. It can be rewired thru a K&S switch for hi/lo beams, but isn't required. I used an old mechanical switch I had lying around after the hydraulic one went tits up after less than a year, I won't use another hydraulic one. It's not the 1st one to go bad...

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