Jetting Specs...

I have an 02 YZF426 and i live at about 3000 ft. I have a fulle exhaust system on my bike, white bros tapered head pipe, and e-series pro-meg silencer. I was wondering what kind of jetting other people ran in thier 426's that had full exhust, or this one. OR if anyone had suggestions for me and my setup? Thanks

I ran 42 pilot 165 main before my power now valve. With the power now, I like 45, 168. I am at 1400ft. If your interested, I called DRD about how to jet for my pipe and he actually recomended changing to a needle 1 notch LEANER than stock. Yeah, that's what I said........... Anyway, I used that needle for it's taper and went richer on the main. One mans opinion-good luck to you.

I have the 48 pilot jet, but i think i liked the 45 better, i have a 170 main. How do you like your hotcams exhaust? How far out is your fuel screw?

I didn't notice a real performance edge with just the exhaust Hotcam but there may be one. The bike pulls almost violently in the 2nd half of the RPM range. I bought it primarily for the decomp feature. The hotcams has the same gear wheel as the stocker but the 450 cam has one with slightly different tooth depth. The decomp feature is really nice. Which cam to go to is hotly debated on thumpertalk and the hotcams guys are in the minority because of the price difference. I personally sleep better with the nicer gear on the hotcams. Additionally, It wil go nicely with the intake cam if I want a boost later. My bet is the matched cam set will increase top end boost. I feel the 426 has plenty stock, but it won't be long untill I want more.

With this pilot jet, I am 1/2 turn out on the fuel screw. I had tight woods stalling problems initially. I did the BK mod, installed a leak jet, put on the boysen AP pump cover and turned up the idle and this beat 90% of the stalls. I have a weight on the way that should help with the rest. I love the YZ. PM anytime.

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