What keeps you coming back to TT?

I'm in the process of drafting the "About Us" page for the "New TT" scheduled to be launched sometime before the holidays and I need a little help. I'd like to include some testimonials from members explaining what about TT keeps you coming back or what you like most. If you feel motivated to do so, please email me your thoughts. Something that can be put into less than two sentences. I thank you in advance for your help! :) Please email your comments to me at bryan.bosch@thumpertalk.com

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SOLUTIONS TO PET PROBLEMS! and good stories.

Great ideas. Even better people.


(batting eyelashes on)

NH Kevin......

I couldn't resist - sorry.


The fact that no one on here argues about which backstreet boy rules and people like Yamakazie.

Thats why I come back.

Because we can go to a site for the bike we ride only and get tech info, solve problems, find out about new products and who the sucker was that tried it out first :D We have all met new people to ride with in our own areas :D The good stories :) and the bad ones :D Finding out about other places to ride and orginizing group rides. It's the best site on internet.

Lets not forget about MIKE68 He's always good for something.

I would like to see a jetting only section.

Keep up the great work.

Ride Often & Ride Safe :D

I come to commune with the "Brothers of the Blue Steel Horse" There is no other place in Cyberspace where so many different personalities with different levels of ability and knowledge gather as equals and brothers for the love of the sport.

"Except mabe Taffy" Great Guy...but sometimes "A legend in his own Mind".

(Be Gentle Taffy....Remember I'm Old... :)

Bonzai :D

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1) The somewhat non-partisan atmosphere whereas we're looked upon as follow riders and not so much brand-specific zealots.

2) Stupid questions are tolerated (to a point) and newbies are welcomed.

3) There's a depth of knowledge and the willingness to share the experience to those that haven't had the opportunity discover the potential problems.

4) You meet great people and reinforce the truth that the majority of motorcycle enthusiasts are good folk (Hi... Ron in SoCal)

5) free mods !

ThumperTalk is part of my daily web ritual. It is my dirt-bike community. Without it, I would have to listen to my dealer. (aaack!)

Nah I just keep coming back to see Yamakazi's Signature File grow! And continue to drool over all of his addons! :)

I keep coming back and I don't even have a 4 stroke anymore!! The heart of this sight is the people, I have grown close to a lot of you guys, and value your opinions, and views in general. I will keep coming back forever(Or at least till I get kicked out!!)


Good information....Great People. Besides, it's the only way I get to communicate with my family (unkle moose & KXL'er). Sad but true.

Things like YAMAKAZE'S post about his foster kid and the responses from everyone who was willing to help ..................

I like to watch Uncle Moose and Michael take jabs at eachother.... It's really funny

I like to see guys get all bent out of shape by comments made by Taffy.

I like hearing stories about funny mishaps on the trail and in the garage.

I like the fact that their are a bunch of phycho's here that spend alot of time trying to get the maximum performance out of their bikes by drilling and cutting parts. We can all learn from really motivative people(with tons of spare time).

It's also really nice to meet new people to ride with here on TT. I've met some good friends here. We all come from different backgrounds here but we all share the same interest of riding dirt bikes..


Seriously? The people - like everybody else has mentioned. I feel like I know most of you even though we've never met & probably never will. If I ever end up travelling for work again I've got a whole network of people to hook up with and have a beer instead of sitting in my hotel room and watching movies.

I have met some of you - Moab '00 - and I talk about that trip, abbreviated as it was for me, like it was yesterday. I had a blast & hope to be able to do something similar in the near future. Spending a couple of days together with people from all over the country and leaving feeling like you've known some of these guys forever is pretty amazing. I swear we're like a bunch of women sometimes - bitching/moaning/complaining except that we do it on the computer not the phone.


I was away from riding for about 10 years. When I got back into it last year I bought my beloved 00WR400F. My riding buddy told me about ThumperTalk . For me it was a huge benefit because I was so ignorant about everything. The guys on TT really helped alot. I got my bike set up so it rocks for the kind of riding I do. I have had an opportunity to meet new riding buddies and make friends all the way accross the country and the world. I feel like ThumperTalk is my home away from home and the people who share their experience and expert advice are like my extended family. ThumperTalk is a place where I want to come everyday. Just like coming home. It makes me want to give something back. I try whenever I can in my own small way. Thanks, Paul :)

amusing chirp, q & a, + the stories....

Being the recipient of Brian's (NVR Finish) CONSTANT abuse about my miniscule height (5'11") :D .

Just remember Brian, "The Bigger You Are, the Harder You Fall"...That's in the Bible, you know!! :)

TTalk is my daily dose of WR - Finding out the "New and Improved" jet specs for my '99; Humor of the Day; Another case of random acts of kindness, for no personal gain.

Is it just me - or is anyone else feeling all warm and fuzzy inside? How's about a rousing rendition of Auld Lang Syne? :)

Advice on tech mods, problems & solutions



Travel Tips (Dealer & H :):D ters locations!!!!)


Newbies and Pros can rub shoulders

Originally posted by NH Kevin:

[QB]Being the recipient of Brian's (NVR Finish) CONSTANT abuse about my miniscule height (5'11") :)

If you're 5'11" I need new contacts. Or have you been looking at the fun house mirror again?


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