Kennedy Meadows - Troy Meadow Trip

Anyone been up to Kennedy Meadows area...specifically Fish Creek or Troy Meadows?

I just spent 3 days up there riding (2nd trip) and just can't say enough good stuff about it. Driving through Mojave it was 109 Troy Meadows it was 86 degrees. :ride:

Fished the South Fork of the Kern river for 6 Golden Trout and put about 60 miles on the bike with 99% of it single track with stream crossings. :thumbsup:

Anyway, it's pretty awesome. As a mainly vet racer track guy, getting out to this type of terrain was a very nice change. Just goes to show how fun our hobby is.


Mind saying where you fished? I fished the South Fork where it cross under the main road with no luck whatsoever:-(

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