Do we really need a hotstart?

The Hot start gives you a wider range of starting conditions for your bike and it's jetting. That way your bike does not have to be dialed in perfectly for that day's riding conditions. (Is your motor warm, or is it boiling coolant hot? Is it the first start of the day, or are you trying to start it after you stalled it going through a corner and just got done bouncing your motor off of the rev-limiter? Did you just crash and has your bike been lying on it's side for 2 minutes? Are you riding in 60 degree weather with 80% humidity, or is it the very next day, and now it's 90 degree weather with 10% humidity?)

I think the race teams can get away with removing there hot start because they know exactly what the proper jetting specs are going to be before they start the race. They know what the weather is, how long the race is going to be, who's racing the bike, and have had several practice session to set the bike up properly.

Ya know, I have heard the "your jetting must be bad" argument and I beg to differ. I ride my bike from Sea Level up to 8500 feet. My bike runs great in all of these elevations. I use my hot start always. During a ride when we pull over to look at map or take a break, I will sometimes try to start without it. After 2 unsuccessful kicks, I pull in HS and it fires right up. The_Blue_One has said that he never uses one. I dunno, it is just easier to start for me so I'm keepin it. Thanks Dr. D :thumbsup:

I agree with good jetting the hot start is pointless. I rarely use mine at all. :thumbsup:

When my motor is very hot, it will usually take 4 or 5 cranks before it starts. If i use the HOT START lever, it will usually start in 1 or 2 cranks. This is using the magic button.

same experience here...115 degree vegas temps necessitate a few extra cranks on the e-start before lighting up..

with the hot start, 1 to 2 cranks.

temps below 100, 1 or 2 cranks whether i use the hot start or not.

What problems could possibly be caused by having a hot start? Unless the cable gets kinked or something breaks to cause it malfunction, it doesn't affect jetting in any way, except those few seconds when it is activated.

In my opinion, a hot start circuit is a genius idea and makes 4 strokes starting in hot conditions much easier.

Also, having a hot start circuit available doesn't mean that you don't need to properly jet the carb. The hot start is a safety net for those extreme conditions I discussed earlier.

Have to agree with you on all points here :thumbsup: and if you're racing a couple seconds count to most guys, unfortunately not to me :ride:

Went on a long ride today and I was ablet to start my WR426 w/o the hotstart everytime, it just sometimes took 1-2 kick more than it would using the hotstart. I thought that I had to use it everytime, found out that it will start with out the hotstart, it just takes a kick or two more.

I did not even know about this hotstart. The guy I bought teh bike from didn't mention it at all. I will have to give it a try. It's usually more than 4 kicks to get her started.

I believe my bike is correctly jetted. Over here in Blighty we don't have the high elevations obviously, so it makes it quite easy to sort. My bike was rolling road tuned and runs very very cleanly....

From stone cold, choke on, no throttle - a single tap of the magic button and she's away.

From boiling red hot, full hotstart lever, no throttle - starts in maybe 1/2 a revolution i.e. next to nothing at all.

If the bike has been over - as above, full hotstart.

All other times, no hotststart, no throttle - starts in 1-2 revolutions no worries.

Only used the kicker for fun so far, so can't really comment on that.... :thumbsup:

Anyone know where that aluminum threaded replacement cap for the hot start is sold? I accidently cross thread the plastic stock one.

Anyone know where that aluminum threaded replacement cap for the hot start is sold? I accidently cross thread the plastic stock one.

Zip-Ty Racing...SC


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