Enduro Eng Hand Guards

I just installed a set of Enduro Engineering Hand Guards. To keep the installation neat and clean, I cut the end of the plastic throtle tube, then cut open just the end of the grip. If I insert the bolt all the way into handlebar end, the end of the grip will rub on the guard. To prevent this I left the bolt out about 1/4" - 1/2". The throttle moves freely, no problem. But I'm concerned that a hard hit on that end of the handlebar will jam the guard all the way in, and the grip will then stick to the guard.

Did I mount this properly? Do I need to worry about the bolt sticking out a little? It certainly looks better than cutting the grip down even more.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


CY....I had the same concerns when I mounted mine so I "relieved" the entire end of the throttle tube and grip and slid the throttle assy. in, so the tube end sits an 1/8" in from the end of the bars. This was my insurance that the throttle wouldn't get jammed "pinned" if I wadded the bike up on the right side(like that would EVER happen....right :) ). What bars did you mount the EE handgaurds on? Mine always seem to get out of whack when I dump the bike, but they're mounted on Pro-Tapers so they seem to rotate at the inner mount more than a standard 7/8" bar type mount. Anyone else have a fix for this problem, other than never dumping it(not an option for me,LOL)? Damn, I knew I should've bought the triple clamp mounted Cycra Pro-Bends! :D

I went with a standard 7/8" Dominator bar. I didn't want to cut the entire end of the grip off, because I think it looks bad. Perhaps, I've only seen lousy jobs. Does anyone have any nice samples that I can see?


Don't have to cut the entire end off, just a bit over the 7/8" diameter of the bars. A Dremel tool with a tapered cutting stone works great for this task. :)

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