XR600 Oversize Valves


Does anyone know of any websites/company's that sell XR600 oversize valves?

Thanks, Eric

Ferrea make standard size and 1mm oversize inlet and exhaust valves for all XR6 models. By the time you get larger seats installed etc, the changeover can be costly and the power increase was only modest compared to other mods. Serco are the distributor in Australia but I'm not sure who is in the U.S. You'll have to do some surfing, Cheers.

Id do a good porting instead of oversize valves on an XR600R. I have had XRs for years, and known about a gillion people with them, both racers and trail riders and no one has ever needed to do oversize valves. Not even the total full on desert racers who neeed allot of top end need or do oversize valves on an XR, never did as far as I know. Id ddo a quality port clean up and mild porting and get a good either stage one ot two cam, then do a quality race pipe, with header, and a Mikuni flatslide or Keihin FCR41 carb, and that thing will be faster than youll ever need unless you are the only guy on the planet drag racing an XR600R, you can turbo it if thats the case....I have pics.

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