Exhaust Help.

I did the gyt-r ais removal, but when I came to the exhaust, it is not like the pictures.

I have a 06 wr450, Bought brand new.

I have no exhaust restrictor, so can I just remove the tip completely?

and be left with that 48mm opening? I know people say buy pro motto insert, but do i have to?


You have a restrictor. I just bought the same bike and took mine out. Once you take the end cap off, there is the smaller thing held in with 4 alan wrench bolts. Take that out. It's louder but it actually sounds like a bike instead of a lawn mower.

So then you're left with that 48 mill opening then......?

In the pictures i've seen. I see a restrictor coming out of that pipe.(a pipe with in a pipe)

That's what had me confused, i didnt have that.

So 48 mill opening on my bike good then?


Yep. I think it sounds cool, too. I have read people saying that it'll pop when deccelerating, but I kinda dig that.

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