YZ426F + Clarke Oversize Tank + Radiator Guards

I've got an 01 426 and I'm looking to pickup a black Clarke oversize tank but I'm not real sure if the radiator guards will be able to fit if I do, I'm planning on ordering all of this at the same time so I don't want to get something that won't fit together....I'm wanting to go with the Flatland or Unabiker (but most likely Flatland from what I've read) radiator guards...anyone have this combo?


None of us have the Flatland or Unabiker guards, but I do have an idea for you. I have four buddies (plus myself) with YZ426s and Clarke 3.3 tanks. Two of us have Works Connection radiator braces, two have Devol radiator guards, and one runs around naked. :ride: None of us has clearance issues. Those who run the Devol guards (much like the Unabiker and Flatland) end up overheating in muddy conditions because the mud gets packed in their radiator grills. We who have the braces retain the plastic louvers which help keep our radiators clean. At first I wanted the Devol guards, but now there is now way I would trade by braces for the guards.

This is just a heads up, of course you will make your own decision. :thumbsup:

Also think twice about the black Clarke tank. The tank is great, but adds a lot of weight when full. We often run ours half to 2/3 full, so the natural (see through) is very helpful. You can also mark the clear tank with gallon marks which makes it helpful.

Thanks for the info, I don't go riding in much if any mud ever, most of the places we ride here are all sandy....and if it's been raining a lot which it seems like it never does here anymore we just don't go riding for a few days after.

Right now I currently have the IMS oversize tank with WC braces and I know the brace comes right up the tank on the right hand side, but still clears.... is there a big difference between the IMS and Clarke? Because I don't really mind/notice the extra weight but then again I've always had the bike that way and always keep a lot of gas in mine.


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