WR426 TALON clutch help !!

can anyone tell me what the difference is between the Talon WR400 clutch basket and the 426 one ??

I have been offered a 400 one at a good price and wonder if it will fit my 426 ?

SOMEONE on here must know !! :thumbsup:


5JG-16150-10-00 $253.71


5BE-16150-00-00 $253.71

the initial part number is the same( except model id number 5jg/ 5be), but i believe that the second lot of numbers indicate either an 'amendment or improvement or alteration' and that the basic component should be the same (NOTE i said SHOULD).

so, another definite maybe.

have a look here



really helpful site.

this is off that baker boys site

interesting that 426 bits are more expensive

rings for 426 are almost double of 400 ones

thanks .....its more the basket that I am interested in, as I can swop the back gear over.....thx for any help

burp !!

ah i thought according to the diagram that the basket was that part.

sure looks like it and i cant see any other part in there that would qualify as 'the basket'

good luck.

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