Spark Plug Options

Well its time for a plug change, so I thought I would ask what different plug brands and types everyone likes/uses. Plus this is my first plug change with my 03 WR450 (of 1 year), curious if anyone found any improvements with different plugs?? thanks

Yamaha recommends you use either a CR8E or CR9E for heat range.

I find the CR8E IX iridium plugs are fine, they last a very long time.

I feel no difference between the 8E or 9E either.

I use the NGK Iridium CR8E - IX. They work well. No fouling. Clean dry look when inspecting them. :thumbsup:

:ride: I've always ran the CR8E. I'll swap them out every season - for no other reason than to do so. Maybe next time I'll try the iridium, if its good enough for Indy, then it must be good enough for me :thumbsup:
I use the NGK Iridium CR8E - IX. They work well. No fouling. Clean dry look when inspecting them. :thumbsup:

I started running Iridium plugs in all my bikes. I little pricey but IMO worth it :ride:

NGK Iridium spark plugs. They cost more but are worth it. Automotive performance companies tested them and found them to have an advantage in High compression applications (like ours) here is a NGK marketing Blurb for enjoyment

I use a regular CR8E. I change it once a year. :thumbsup:

Standard is fine but 8E-IX lasts longer and has a better spark IMO, especially with a VORTEX CDI.

I typically run CR8EI and it works well, but for some reason I thought I would try the CR9EI. And it made the bike idle rough and stall and lower RPMs, but seems to work great at higher RPMs. Not sure if it has something to do with the heat range or what, but I guess it is time to switch back and see if the issues go away. Also the bike would only start with the choke on, even when hot. Seems strange that a plug could do that much but it seemed too.

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