Attn: SoCal guys lets go riding Sunday!

I'll be riding out in the Mojave area this coming Sunday for anyone that is interested. I have a great and challenging loop planned for those interested. We will leave out of Mojave Denny's at 7am. Let me know, Dan

Damn, I've already got plans to meet some riders out at Ocotillo Wells this Sunday. If anyone is interested in some low desert riding let me know.


Dang it!! I have to work Sunday, but am off monday. Anytakers for monday?

7am hurts! How many miles and what type of terrain are you planning to ride? Also, I know you ironmanned BITD's Vegas to Reno so is the average joe going to keep up? Let me know, Eric


Man i can't catch a break to ride with you guys.

My con rod let go on my bike and parts aren't in.

It looks like i'll have to borrow my buddies xr600 to go for a ride on Thanks Giving weekend.

My scoot should be ready the week after the holiday so keep me in mind for future invites.

See ya,


Eric, Were just gonna go out to have fun not to race, the terrain is a mix of a little of everything from rocks,single track, hill climbs, big down hills. You are more than welcome to join us. I agree 7 sounds a little rough but by the time you eat,suit-up and get on the bike it's probably 8:30a or so. I would consider the ride to be pretty technical but this time we dont plan on getting the chopper involved. :)


I've heard a lot about riding with you and want to hook up for a ride one of these days. My weekends are booked for a while though already. Ocotillo this weekend, Glamis next weekend, Ocotillo the following, Superstition to test the race truck after that, etc.... I'm thinking sometime after the first of the year I'm going to get up your way and make a weekend out of it!!! I'm assuming you could keep us busy for a weekend of riding if you're up for it?

Khris, Sounds like a plan!! You can count on it. :)

SWEET, we'll have to work on getting Ron from SoCal out for a ride cause that guy works WAY too much and rides WAY too little!!! mattmoon.gif

Ouch! The worst part is it's true. Damn.

I can vouch for Dan and his friends. Way back in the days when I did ride, I had the pleasure of meeting Dan at the Mojave Denny's at 7am. Good people + good riders + good terrain = a great time. Eric, you will not have any problems dude. I highly recommend hooking up with these guys.

There is hope for me yet - I've drastically cut back on my pizza intake and am slowly attempting to get back in shape. One day soon I will take vengeance!

Have a good time guys and watch out for Dan doing fith gear WFO stand-up wheelies.

Standing up!!! Damn, I've got them down 5th WFO sitting down but not standing up. Ron, you'll be ready after the first of the year I'm sure, in fact you'll probably be in better shape then me. I definately need to make some lifestyle changes too cause I'm WAY too young to be this outta shape!!

I need to start watching what I eat too. Maybe after thanksgiving I'll track my week food intake and see what I need to change. (Not like I already don't know) If I ever get hired here or get a job close to my house I'll get my ass back on my bicycle every night again cause when I was riding everyday for even only 30 minutes I noticed a big difference.

Don't worry though Dan, as long as I got water, I can ride all out pretty much all day hot or cold weather.

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I would go this Sunday,but my shoulder is still sore from when you brother ran me over on the ride to Laughlin. I still have your stuff from the vegas to reno race and a picture from my work news letter of you. say hi to Liz

Ron, Thanks for the kind words, my freinds arnt really good people but who else am I gonna ride with? :) Man Ron, I wish you would go riding with us but I do understand work, just so you know I decided to do the "BK" mod last night after a couple of beers. I saw that you did it and said what the hell.

Khris, For some reason I can wheelie for a long time when I stand up but when I sit down I can't really see where im going (which kind of scares me a little). I gonna plan a ride in December hopefully that will give you guys plenty of time to get the time off.

Dale, That's ironic that you shoulder is injured, so is mine!! I pulled a muscle at the gym that kills!!! I'll run over my brother for you as payback and roost his WR250F with plenty of dirt. Maybe I'll stop by on the way home and pick up the stuff!! Thanks

Keep me updated on future rides!!

Hey Dan, make sure you post it on TT so I can see if I can join you guys. I really want to do some desert riding and also get together with my kids again. Thanks, Paul

P.S. Ron, if I come down you got to make time to go out with us! :)

Paul, Sounds like a plan, maybe we could have a TT wheelie contest on your sweet 520 :) I can't think of a better way to break it in. I'll definatly let you know.

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