Street - Legal 4- wheeler? Anybody make one?

A friend at work asked me and I don't know.

Would it be possible to make a 4-wheeler legal for the road?

I.E. a 400EX or something similar?

I have seen plated quads in the mountain town east of here. There is an understanding that the quad is not really legal but they hand out the plates to people interested in linking trails and crossing some of the county dirt roads in the hills. I can't imagine it would be legal to go riding around the city on one.

ya i have a street legal 4-wheeler. :ride:

its called a mustang :thumbsup:

they are street legal in spain and some places in europe. but no where in the states. in order to street legalize it, you have to get a custom swingarm in the rear that makes it a 3-wheeler (2 wheels infront, 1 in back). now TRIKES, those unbeleivably safe inventions are street legal.

theres no legal 4 wheeler in the states lol :thumbsup:

This is a joke yes they can be plated around here half the four wheelers sold are plated for the street and never even see dirt, and they are very popular for cruising around in town with... its just a brake light, horn, mirror, and a headlight, turn signals are optional

Bike week in daytona theres a guy with a 400ex with 20 in chrome spinners on it... he has his plated in ny some how??

I know a guy who has a plated 400EX here in South Carolina. But he lives in a dinky town and he said the police probably wouldn't pull him over even if he wasn't plated.

I think it'd be a waste unless you used it to travel to your riding spots. Knobbies get eaten fast on the road. Especially with a torque machine like the 400EX. Every time you downshift you'll leave a skid mark.

It varies state to state. I've got a buddy with a plated Raptor700. Quads don't make very good road machines though...

To truly be legal, you'd have to ditch the ATV tires and install a tire that has "Highway Use" molded in the sidewall, install a steel tank, if not already equipped (that's the dumbest thing I ever heard of, but :thumbsup: ), have brake and turn signals, reflectors as prescribed by your state, a battery, horn and mirrors.

Oh, next comes the fun part, liability insurance. Finding an underwriter to issue a highway use liability policy might be a challenge.

Now to get a state to issue a plate might be really fun.

Since it has four wheels would you not need any type of safety restraints such as a seatbelt?

A friend at work asked me and I don't know.

Would it be possible to make a 4-wheeler legal for the road?

I.E. a 400EX or something similar?

You can plate them in S. Dakota.

And I thought they were bad off-road. :thumbsup: But my friend's Blaster somehow has a plate on it and I saw this guy's Banshee with a plate on it. I think it was just something he took off another ATV and put it on that so he could just ride to the gas station to fill it up.

Ford, GM, Crysler, Toyota, Honda...

I think you can plate a golf cart, but not a quad in most states.

Maybe the Feds need more crash test dummies for testing quads. :thumbsup:

I was driving 78 east to Havasu (via glamis) and a quad passed me going around 90mph!

I've seen plated quads in az.

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