Will a 2005 WR 450 make a good DS?

Looking to purchase a used 05 WR 450, wondering if this bike would make a good Dual Sport bike?

Read many articles on the CRF 450 X and it is made for trail riding ONLY, if it is ridden like a DS I hear that it will eventually breakdown- Read in Dirt Rider Mag.

I use my '05 WR as a dual sport, it's my back and forth to work bike. Of course, I wouldn't want to take it on a freeway because I left the stock gearing and it's revving pretty good at about 55-60 mph. You might have the same hesitation at constant throttle that everyone has had with this carb. Do a search on TT utilizing "TPS sensor", you'll find tons of info. I put the trickdualsport kit on (awesome!) and some DOT tires and away I went. I get around 35-40 mpg and when I want to go off road I just head in that direction. The whole combo works great in the dirt except for one place and that's loose sand, the pirelli tires are squirrely in the loose stuff. enjoy.

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