YZ250 as trail bike what are the pro's/con's?

I have been riding a 250X and have been thinking of going back to a two stroke. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using the YZ250 as a trail bike? I wonder most about the power, how tame can it be when you add a FW?


I ride mine without a flywheel weight and its just fine. All about the clutch. One thing that sucks sometimes is traction up some of the steep knarly stuff, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.

i ride/race my yz125 through the woods.. only con is that when your riding on loose dirt you can loose a tractoin from the wheel spinning.. but you can learn to control that easily.. but. other than that.. 2 strokes are the way to go in the woods..

You can't beat the weight and agility of two strokes in the woods, go for it.

for me the only downside is that its just not as relaxful as a trail bike, not as comfy when ur just puttin around


Great power

Very light and nimble

Great handling


Easy to fix


Stock suspension is rough

Stock seat is hard

1st gear is useless besides just starting out from a dead start.

These are just my few major pros/cons for a yz250 in the trails

only one con. Hard seat.

I used to use my YZ250 as a trail bike and it was great. I bumped up the rear sprocket a couple of teeth for extra grunt and threw on an IMS tank. The actually did a test in Dirt Rider (last year I think) and the YZ was awarded as the best MX'er to use as a trail bike because of the power and handling. Now i've got my YZ426 and it rips, much better climber than the YZ250, but the weight is noticable in the tight stuff.

I ride mine about 50% on trails on our land, the other 50% at tracks. Only mods are 14/52 vs 14/50 gearing, and I run my airscrew at 2 1/4 turns out and a BR7ES when trail riding, and for track I run the std BR8EG and the airscrew at 2 turns out.

As mentioned with good throttle and clutch control its just fine.

get a G2 throttle and a FWW 10oz or bigger and you will be happy.

love mine get a bigger tank and a fww and a 51 tooth rear sprocket and you are all set and of course a set of bark busters :thumbsup:

Cons seat sucks on long rides and the suspension is kind of stiff for ruts and rocks :ride:

I recently sold an XR250 (02) and bought a YZ250 (04).

The XR was the perfect "trail" bike. The YZ is more demanding. Installing a Rekluse clutch is the single thing that makes the biggest difference in "taming" the YZ for trail riding. With one I no longer kill the engine everytime I make a "panic" stab at the rear brake pedal and I can "torque" up any hill if I lose momentum because the clutch automatically feathers perfectly. Rocky uphill starts on a steep hill which were impossible before are easy now (when my friends stall in front of me.) The Rekluse also adds a little flywheel weight so I've never installed the 11 oz Stealy I purchased.

The YZ is also more picky when it comes to tuning - if you're going to putt around and run the stock plug, and don't adjust your idle mixture screw, and with 32-1 oil mixture you will foul plugs. As stated in an earlier post, you can run a slightly hotter plug, lean out your air jet just a bit, and lean out your oil mixture just a bit (I've heard as little as 40-1) and it will run cleaner which will reduce/eliminate plug fouling.

As for suspension - I just lowered the compression damping and ride - I weight 190 and it's a little soft - but waaaay better than the XR.

Life's short - try it!

I ride my 04 yz250 in NOTHING BUT WOODS, love every minute of it. I was thinking of going to a 4 stroke but didn't like the weight when I got into the really tight stuff.

When you say 250X, do you mean the quad or the bike?



only con to me is I ride intermediate trails and when I drop my bike i have to pull the plug and kick it a few times, then put the plug back in to keep from fouling it. :thumbsup:

Other than that, I love it. :ride:

I too went from and XR250 to the YZ, and teh difference is crazy. Mainly becuase im 5'7 and 150 lbs. The xr would just pummel my ass, at nearly 250 lbs it was just too much.

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