Dogs Peeing On Rear Wheels! Help!

In the winter time I let the dogs have full time access to the garage. But, lately one or both of them have been consistantly peeing on my bikes. At first I only noticed it on the DR. Just thought the dogs didn't like Suzukies. :D But then, I noticed it on my WR as well! :) Has anyone else had to deal with this? What did you do to get them to stop it? Thanks in advance, Paul

P.S. And yes, I did check the archives before posting this!

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Maybe if YOU mark your territory on your rims...your dogs will realize YOU ARE ALPHA DOG!! :)

Urine may be sterile, but it can't be healthy for your rims.

You guys kill me......ROFLWPIP. Nothing ever surprises me here anymore, although I sympathize with your dillemma. You're not gonna let 'em piss on your new 520 are you? LOL Got to be a solution, try the vets or pet supply houses. :)

Remote control shock collar work's real good. most have a 50-75yd range.

but you have to catch your dog in the act when you zap him, it's almost cruel fun to set thing's up so your dog think's nobody's looking and ZAAP

if he does it more than twice after that I would be greatly surprised..Also wash your wheel's with a heavy citrus base solvent/cleaner to get rid of the marking scent.

Do you live on a farm? If so lean it up against an electric fence with the handlebars touching the wire. That will sort them out!



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Paul, Im really pumped for you getting a new KTM, You are really gonna love that bike, I've ridden them and they are truly awsome. I think that your dog(s) have no respect for Yamahas but im sure that they've heard about the katooms and will have more respect for your new bike. I'll be waiting for the post to sell your WR. Your dogs might be going over to the Honda CRF side and listening to all those guys raving about their new bikes and probably developed a bias towards Hondas. Let me know if you ever get in this area and we'll go riding.


Jim Bob's idea is hysterical. Reminds me of the time I talked my younger brother into putting his tongue on the AFX track after he thrashed a couple of my slot cars and stashed them, thinking I wouldn't miss 'em. HA Gave that trigger a full pull and he's never crossed me since! :) You guys are the best entertainment on the web! Hope you get this problem solved before the orange bike arrives "Two Dogs Pissing". Then again, if you could train 'em to do the deed on the chain, it might turn out to be the newest and greatest in high tech chain lube and you'll be a wealthy man :D

only good dog is a arrgh........damned dog put his foot down. Let him know who is boss

An electified perimeter around my bikes? Humm.... I don't live on a farm so the fence idea won't work.

Peeing on my own rims to establish superiority? :) The remote shock collar won't work since I am not going to stay up all night to see who is doing it. I guess the Katoom will just have to go into the living room until we get this all sorted out! :D Maybe some of the morning people will have some ideas!? :D

Dan, i will definately be down your way. If not before then after Christmas sometime. I can't wait to do some desert riding on my new sled! :D

Thanks guys, Paul

For sale:

Urine soaked and stained motorcycle. Smells like Alpo and Dog Chow. It was blue until the dogs pissed on it and now it is green. Muffler plug included know...dogs will be dogs. Would like to keep it but when it hears a siren it starts up and howls. Must go to good home only. $12.50

I have the solution, and I'm being sincere here. Go to order some scatmats and your done.

I used mine to keep my dogs from entering the house from the garage.

It is a static electric shock mat that when the animal steps on it he gets a static shock, kind of like when you rub your feet on carpet and touch someone.

They're pricy but work great!

And I was going to put an offer in for that I'm rethinking.

(just kidding)

I saw my Dog (Rhodesian Ridgeback) do that 'once' to my WR.... :) I felt like going and pissing on his bed. Im like "Who the F@#K does he think he is?" Pissing on MY WR?? sheesh. Out of everything I have in my garage that he could have pissed on..he chose the bike.

Simple.. Dog BANNED from Garage..he can go and piss on the missus rose bushes all he likes! :D

That's too funny. I have two dogs neither one pisses on the bikes. But if they did the term catheter comes to mind... unless they were pissing on my friends KTM then it would be (GOOD BOY HERE DRINK SOME MORE WATER) :)


WR400inOZ....When a Ridgeback lifts his leg, LOOK OUT! :) Big frickin' dogs! Your bike has my sympathy.

Damn Huge, that's harsh. I'm glad I'm not your KTM friend. Hey Paul I have a can of Pee Away if you need some but it only works on KTM's.

Here's one if you're inclined to put a permanent scar on your dog's head...

1) Lay a wire grid on the ground (chicken wire, window screen, sheet metal).

2) Park the WR on the metal grid.

3) Wrap a cable/wire around one of a spokes on either rim and connect it to a battery (your choice of battery size)

4) Connect the other end of the battery to the floor mat/grid.

The rubber in the tires will keep the two polarities apart until the dog pisses on the rim and completes the circut. It's very much like an electic fence with a HUGE impact. I doubt your dog will do it twice.

As an aside you can start a pool to see when the dog comes back down from orbit.

Urine will corrode the aluminum, BTW.

I worked on a yz that had been stored in a dog run for a year and the rear rim had the spokes pulling out of the rim due to corrosion.


Its more than an ego thang, thats my story and I am stickin' to it!

I had the same problem, and I have 4 bikes, so I got lots of,.........well, stuff on them.

I just went down to Wal-Mart and bought 4 cheap bedspreads (kingsize) and covered the bikes.


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